Articles and Speeches of William Q. Judge

Articles marked with an asterisk (*) are on the Theosophy Northwest site; the rest are links to other sites, principally Most of these articles can be found in print in the three volumes of Echoes of the Orient, compiled by Dara Eklund (Point Loma Publications).

About Killing Animals
About "Spirit" Materializations
About The Secret Doctrine *
Abridgement of Discussions upon Theosophical Subjects *
An Added Word *
Adepts, The
Adepts and Modern Science, The
Adepts and Politics
Adepts in America in 1776, The
Advantages and Disadvantages in Life
Affirmations and Denials
Allegorical Umbrella, The
Allegory , An
America *
An American Experiment *
Am I my Brother's Keeper
Ancient Telephone, An
Another Theosophical Prophecy
Another View of Metaphysical Healing *
Answers to Questioners
Aphorisms on Karma *
Application of Theosophical Theories, The
Are the "Arabian Nights" all Fiction
Are We Deserted?
Argument for Reincarnation
Ashes of H.P.B. The *
Astral Intoxication *
Astral Light, The *
An Astrological Question *
Astrology Verified
Authorship of Secret Doctrine
Before American Spiritualism
"Blavatskianism"; In and Out
H. P. Blavatsky *
Blavatsky Still Lives and Theosophy in Flourishing Condition *
Bogus Mahatma Messages
Book Introduction *
"Brotherhood of the New Life, The" *
Buddhist Doctrine, A
The Cause of Rebirth *
Cautions in Paragraphs
Chairman's Closing Address *
Change of Name
Charges against William Q. Judge, The (I)
Charges against William Q. Judge, The (II)
Chat with Correspondents, A
Chirogomy and Palmistry *
Christian Fathers on Reincarnation
Circulating Library, A
Cities under Cities
Claiming to be Jesus
Closed or Open Lodges
Closing Cycle, The
Commentary on the Gayatri, A
Committee Work
Communications from "Spirits"
Considerations on Magic
Contemporary Literature and Theosophy *
Convention of the European Section *
Conversations on Occultism with H.P.B.
Culled from Aryan Science
Culture of Concentration (Part I)
Culture of Concentration (Part II)
Cure of Diseases, The
Cycles and Cyclic Law
Cyclic Impression and Return and Our Evolution
Delusions of Clairvoyance
Direful Prophecies
Disappearance of Ascetics at Will *
Dogmatism in Theosophy
Dweller of the Threshold, The
The Dwellers on High Mountains *
Each Member a Centre
Earth Chain of Globes, The
Earth Chain of Globes II, The
Earth Chain of Globes III, The
Editorial (1886) *
Editorial (1888) *
Elementals and Elementaries
Elementals - How They Act
Elementals - Karma
End of Our Third Year *
Enquirer, The
Esoteric Buddhism *
Esoteric She, The
Farewell Remarks of Mr. Judge on the Vice-Presidency
Fifteen Years Ago
Five Years Finished *
Formation of Crystals, The
"Forms" of Elementals
Friends or Enemies in the Future
Further Communication from Mr. Judge, A
Future and the Theosophical Society, The
Funds and Property, Of *
"Gates of Gold", The
General Secretary's Tour, The
German Mystic's Teachings, A
Give Us One Fact
Glamour--its Purpose and Place in Magic
"The Hidden Way" and Theosophists *
Hindu Theosophy and Professor Buchanan *
Hit the Mark
How She Must Laugh
An Hour in the Sanctum *
How Should We Treat Others
How the Society Is Run--Who Pays
How to Square the Teachings
H. P. Blavatsky *
H.P.B.--A Lion-Hearted Colleague Passes
H.P.B. at Enghien
H.P.B. on Messages from Masters
H.P.B. Was Not Deserted by the Masters
H. S. Olcott vs. H.P.B
Hypnotism -- Mesmerism
Hypnotism and Theosophy
Hypocrisy or Ignorance
Iconoclasm toward Illusions
If Methuselah Existed, Why so Short our Lives
Illusions of Time and Space *
Imagination and Occult Phenomena
Impudence of Modern Philosophers, The
India: a Trumpet Call at a Crisis *
India and her Theosophists
India a Storehouse for Us
India's Wonder-Workers *
The Inner Constitution of Man *
Interesting Letter, An
Invocations *
Is Heredity a Puzzle?
Is Karma Only Punishment?
Is Poverty Bad Karma?
"Judge Case, The"
Kali Yuga, The
Kali Yuga and the Coming Race
Kali Yuga - the Present Age, The
Karma and Ethics *
Karma and Reincarnation *
Karma in the Desatir
Koot Hoomi *
Laws Governing Elementals
Letter to European Convention
Letter to European General Secretary
Letter to the Brahmans, The
Libel by Dr. Coues and the "New York Sun" *
Light of Egypt, The *
Madame Blavatsky in India *
"Madame Blavatsky's Income" *
Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts, The
Mahatma's Message to some Brahmans, A
Mars and Mercury
Masters, Adepts, Teachers, and Disciples
Matters Touching Theosophy*
Mechanical Theosophy
Meditation, Concentration, Will
Mediumship *
"Men Karmic Agents"
Mental Discipline
Mesmerism and the Higher Self
Methods of Theosophical Work
Misunderstood Editorial *
Modernized Upanishad
Moon's Mystery and Fate
Moral Law of Compensation, The
Much Reading, Little Thought
Musings on the True Theosophist's Path *
The Nadigranthams*
The Necessity for Reincarnation *
New "Department of Branch Work", The
The New York Theosophical Society *
Nigamagama Dharma Sabha
No End and No Beginning *
Notice to Inquirers *
Occultism *
Occultism, for Barter
Occultism: What Is It?
Occult Teachings
Occult Vibrations
Of Seeing and Not Seeing Spooks *
Of Studying Theosophy
Old Message from the Master, An
On Argument *
On "Common Doctrines" *
One of the Signs of the Cycle
On Evolution
On Healing *
On the Future: A Few Reflections
Oriental Department, The
Our Sun and the True Sun
"Peace with Honor" or "A Scientific Frontier" *
Persian Students' Doctrine, The
Plain Theosophical Traces
Points of Agreement in All Religions *
Power to Know, The
Practical Theosophy
The Prayag Letter *
Prince Talleyrand - Cagliostro
Professor Max Muller on Buddhism *
Promulgation of Theosophy, The
Proofs of the Hidden Self
Prophecies by H. P. Blavatsky
The Red Rajputs *
Regarding Islamism
Reincarnation *
Reincarnation in Judaism and the Bible
Reincarnation of Animals
Religion and Reform from a Theosophical Viewpoint *
"Reply to the Attack on Madame Blavatsky" *
Respecting Reincarnation
Review of the Secret Doctrine, A. *
Rings, Rounds, and Obscuration
Rounds and Races
Rules in Occultism
Sayings of Jesus *
Self Is the Friend of Self and Also Its Enemy," "The
Servant of the Masters, Col. Henry S. Olcott, A
Sevenfold Division, The
Shall We Teach Clairvoyance?
Sheaths of the Soul, The
Signs of This Cycle, The
Subjective and the Objective, The
Suicide Is Not Death
Synthesis of Occult Science, The
Talk on Karma *
Tenets of Theosophy *
Theosophical Doctrine
Theosophical Don'ts
Theosophical Movement, The
Theosophical Objects
Theosophical Society, The
Theosophical Studies
Theosophical Study and Work
Theosophical Symbolism
Theosophical Tracts
Theosophist in Ceylon, The *
Theosophy and Capital Punishment *
Theosophy and Epidemics *
Theosophy Generally Stated *
Theosophy in the Christian Bible
Things Common to Christianity and Theosophy *
Thoughts on Karma
Thought Transference or Mind Reading *
Three Great Ideas
Three Planes of Human Life, The
To Theosophists Willing to Work *
Transmigration of Souls
Truth about East and West, The
Two Letters to the Editor of the N.Y. Times * (Concerning Mr. Foulke's Claims)
Two Lost Keys: The Bhagavad-Gita - the Zodiac
Two Spiritualistic Prophecies *
Two Systems -- of Lust and Sorrow *
Two Theosophical Events *
Universal Applications of Doctrine
Universal Brotherhood a Fact in Nature *
Upanishads on Re-Birth
What Is Occultism? *
What Is the Udgitha?
What Our Society Needs Most
What the Masters Have Said
What Theosophy Is *
Why Races Die Out
Wisdom of the Gods *
Word on Pronouns, A
Word on the "Secret Doctrine", A
Work Since May, The
Wrong Popular Notions
Year on the Path, A
"Yours Till Death and After, H.P.B." *

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