Book Review

Who is this God? by Paul Murchison. Zeus Publications, Mermaid Waters, Australia, 2007; 100 pages, ISBN: 978-1-921240-27-0, $AU 19.19.

This short book succinctly summarizes arguments against traditional views of the Christian God in particular and the craziness of many aspects of ritualistic "religion" generally. Many subjects are tackled in an incisive, open, and cutting fashion which challenges us to think for ourselves instead of just believing on faith, and offers the opportunity for open discussion of important issues such as: monotheism, reincarnation, pain and suffering, emotion, moral issues, New Ages teachings, and many other subjects of interest to students of theosophy. Paul’s position is essentially atheistic, but one of a sincere searcher encouraging other searchers to join with him to discover the true nature of divinity outside the often contradictory and illogical statements associated with many religious systems. He is one of the friends of the Australasian Section, Theosophical Society, who attends our meetings in Melbourne. – Andrew Rooke (Theosophy Downunder, April 2009)