The Mysterious Story of X7: Exploring the Spiritual Nature of Matter ed. Robert Sardello, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2010; 144 pages, ISBN 978-1556438714, paperback $16.95.

What can be more valuable and compelling than a real spiritual experience well documented and explained? We usually treasure the bits and pieces of such information when reading spiritual writings, often guessing what kind of events lead to it. And here we have a report in a form of a diary spanning from the 28th of December 1953 to the 24th of May 1957, a report described in detail and explained with understanding unique spiritual experiences!

The content of this book is presumably reported by a group of anonymous prisoners of conscience incarcerated in a salt mine in Siberia – one of the many of Stalin era GULAG prisons. Out of the despair of their hopeless situation, theX7 (as the call themselves) made an earnest prayer asking why they were so entombed, was there any purpose to their ordeal or they were just God-forgotten unlucky ones. Not at once, but gradually, they saw the Light that eventually liberated and transformed them into explorers of the spiritual nature of matter. They also felt under the protection and guidance of the Presence of a Grand Master of Light, who explained them their purpose and duty in their current incarnation.

When commencing reading, you would not even imagine that such things as described could be, but the farther you read the more compelling the text becomes. When showing the phenomena of light radiations that became simultaneously their object of experiment and its tool, the authors recognize these radiations, or Light Rays, as the very source of everything, and explain some mechanisms of how they are working. The X7 demonstrate knowledge of mechanisms and processes that science is yet unaware of, though there are some hints from esoteric sources that this is so. The X7 not only theorize but live this knowledge as a practical daily reality in their supposed darkness inside the Earth.

What is more, they are experimenting with the Earth itself. Applying their newly-acquired abilities, they send radiations to melt the Earth’s substance into light and then create forms of matter out of this light. These rays also heal and nurture them and they are not much in need of coarse chemical processes of food consumption and turning it into energy for their sustenance.

What was new and very valuable for me was that they researched and explained in detail the color-sound properties of the radiations in connection with their potential for those who are able to perceive them. The whole spectrum of color and tone, which result from energy vibrations of different frequencies, can be divided depending on their functions, each of which is allotted a color and tone. For example, the color blue has a sustaining quality – the major quality through which creation is held in form.

Every living being on Earth manifests certain qualities of the radiations which formed it. For example, a tree demonstrates its “treeness” as something strong yet growing and changing. We people as living beings are also constantly absorbing a radiation of different colors and tones, and the very quality of our life depends on the combination which we are receiving and giving out. As the X7 state, “the Ray of Love is the greatest because it has the essence of all things within it, and from it all things are made.”

Much wisdom is emanating from this little book which I would recommend to every seeker for universal truth. A lot of the findings are for everyone, and there is a sense of amazement throughout the book at how much exertion is necessary to come to such understanding and abilities!

And lastly, how could this supreme knowledge be transmitted to the world from a Siberian mine during the repressive Stalinist era in Russia? It appears that the prisoners transmitted their thoughts and a sensitive medium from the “Network of Light” group at Findhorn, Scotland, UK, received their contents telepathically. After a couple of decades of indecisiveness on the part of the people who had access to the text, it was eventually published by Findhorn Press in 1979 and republished in 1996 and 2001. Now we have gained access to the extraordinary findings of the group of prisoners who called themselves simply, X7. Roza Riaikkenen

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