The Man Who Didn’t Die by Ian Lawton, Rational Spirituality Press (, 2011; 162 pages, ISBN 978-0954917692, paperback $12.95.

This new spiritual novel is about Michael, a rich and outwardly successful luxury car salesman who loses his wife and is wheel-chair bound after a terrible car accident. Based on research into after-death states, it features this research in a unique and dramatic style that makes it a lot easier to understand. Themes include: detailed, realistic discussions about Near Death Experience and reincarnation evidence between a believer and a skeptic; real life examples of the way the tests in different sets of lives can be interwoven; real life examples of interlife review and planning, including the humorous interactions between a soul group and their spirit guide, as well as other more unusual interlife adventures. The section "Aya’s Scroll" from the book contains some good advice based on interlife research that I would recommend to everybody. – Andrew Rooke

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