Atheist Universe: The Thinking Person's Answer to Christian Fundamentalism by David Mills, Ulysses Press, Berkeley, CA, 2006;  270 pages, ISBN 1-56975-567-1, paperback $14.95.

For those looking for arguments to counter Creation Science, Intelligent Design and other "scientific" theories and claims put forward by Christian (and Muslim and Jewish) fundamentalists, this book offers clear critiques along with easy-to-grasp explanations of related scientific basics such as evolutionary theory, cosmology, dating methods, and the regularity of nature.  It also tackles such issues as what is atheism, the evidence for Jesus' miracles and resurrection, ethics apart from God, the medical "miracles" that believers claim happen to support God interfering in human affairs, and the larger issue of whether the Bible read literally can be reconciled with modern science. Sarah Belle Dougherty

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