Book Review

ASPCA Kids: Kids Making a Difference for Animals by Nancy Furstinger and Sheryl L. Pipe. Howell Book House/Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2009; 108 pages, ISBN 978-0470410868, hardback, $12.99.

Lots of good suggestions for helping animals, told through examples of what many specific kids and teenagers have accomplished. The children here have helped animals of many types by volunteering, raising money, founding homes for animals, advocating, and many other activities. Although aimed at 9 - 12 year olds, the stories are well-written,  interesting and inspirational enough to appeal to both younger children and adults -- they certainly gave me some ideas! The variety of projects allow those of different talents and temperaments to find goals that are appealing and doable for them.  These concrete examples of what ordinary kids have done can inspire others to take action, or at the least realize that they are capable of having a real effect on problems and issues that they care about. – Sally Dougherty (November 2009)

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