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centered thoughts

April 1997

the Human COSMOS

We often think of Humanity as something separate from the rest of the universe, indeed we often think of our-'selves' as separate from all other 'selves' or humans or even all things! We are not separate. The perennial philosophy has supported this thinking from time immemorial. We are not separate from the rest of Humanity because we all have a common source or fount, which is THAT. Whether we call it 'God,' the 'Supreme,' or simply 'THAT,' we are connected in our essence to all that lives (and all things are living). We are, however, hierarchical beings in their expression, and manifest ourselves through various 'principles.' They are unlike the cross-section of the onion, separate layers distinct from each other; they are not separate, but interpenetrating forces of life. We exist on several different planes at once, bringing them into interplay through our thoughts and actions. That is where we often become confused or unable to see through the 'clouded' mist of our lives. We see so many opportunities before us, agreeable or attractive, beckoning us to draw closer and experience all that they have to offer. We must choose though, between the forces of light and dark, and between the influences of things which are selfless and those which are purely selfish. Often initially, the attractive things are the selfish things, and those which are more perfected seem to contain no allure, no benefit. But as we progress toward the goal of life, we may come to understand which choice is most beneficial in the long run for all Humanity. That choice always presents itself, each day, in many ways. That choice is always ours. -- PNT




The light of the Divine shining in all people. Each of us has this god-spark of the divine within us. It is our guiding light, our 'Father within.' It is with us throughout our evolution, our 'string of pearls' of lives or reimbodiments.


Spiritual Intelligence

When manifested, this is the Inner Teacher. It is our source of intuition and thoughts of selflessness.



When illuminated by Buddhi, this is the Higher Self. A perfected human being would have the Manas fully developed, and it would enshrine the full light of Atma-Buddhi. Manas enslaved by Kama is the Lower Self.



Desire is not bad, but may be coloured by either the Higher or Lower mind. In the perfected human being, Kama is controlled by Buddhi-Manas, and manifests as working for selfless ends.



The Life-principle. This cannot be considered to be isolated from any of the other principles. All have their own vitality, but when enumerated as one of the seven principles, Prana is more properly considered in its relationship to the remaining two, the Astral and the Physical.


The Astral Body

The Pattern around and on which is built the physical body. Sometimes referred to as the 'aura' it is actually the foundation of the outer sheath of the physical body.


The Physical Body

The body of flesh, and the outermost expression of the human being.


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