Letter on Abortion

By J. Mohamed, Guyana

December 13, 1971

In this country, as in so many others, lawmakers are seriously considering the legalization of abortion. As I myself feel very strongly about this issue, I submitted some of my thoughts to the special committee in charge.

I am deeply convinced that in the entire universal scheme nothing just happens by accident. Everything occurs according to the law of cause and effect. Life itself is the Cause. Therefore, anyone disturbing or trying to thwart the operation of this law must bear the consequence of his action.

Further, as the Divine projects its life into every particle of matter, there is divinity unfolding in all things. When we realize that a fragment of the Great Self lives in all selves, we will consider life sacred in any form, and at last develop the sense of the unity of all living beings.

The foetus is a distinct incoming child in which the spiritual self may be more mature and wise than that of the parents. Why cut short its effort to live? It comes through us but not from us, and by our procreative act ideally a sacramental enactment of the great drama of life -- the ego has been granted the right of entry. It is obvious that life enters the ovum the moment it is fertilized and, although in embryonic form, it is the vehicle of a living soul. We commit a serious offense against that soul if we destroy its vehicle, for by so doing we shun our obligations to Life itself.

 (From Sunrise magazine, January 1972; copyright © 1972 Theosophical University Press)

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