By Allen David

Inspiration is an illusive something all of us want to have. The clue is in the first syllable, in. We look outside ourselves to find answers for our problems, fulfillment, and happiness, and end up without solutions. Bombarded by exterior influences in every aspect of our lives, we make choices that do not release our inner yearnings. Our world molds our thoughts and desires with every passing day, extinguishing the spark within which longs to be expressed. We have lost our way and use achievement to impress the external world in an effort to forget what we truly yearn for.

How do we discover our true self? We have no choice but to look into our hearts. The mind and brain are powerful forces that often cloak the truth. Only the heart, wanting to be heard with every heartbeat, can show the way, leading us on a path too difficult for the ego to follow. The brain and mind are often the winners in this ceaseless struggle, and the emptiness that follows this victory over the heart can be devastating. But with strength and courage we can turn that outward journey inwards and heal, become inspired and free.

(From Sunrise magazine, June/July 2006; copyright © 2006 Theosophical University Press)

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