Tending Adam’s Garden

Study / Dialogue Circle

Cultivating integrity, wisdom, and harmony in the human family




Every apple seed has the potential to become an apple tree. Yet this potential has no meaning unless the seed is planted, watered, and cared for.  The goal of the seed is not simply to become an apple tree but to bear fruit containing healthy seeds…  Human potential, if undeveloped, is a useless concept…”                  Shah Nazar Seyed Dr. Ali Kianfar, Sufi Master


Tending Adam’s Garden Study / Dialogue Circle (TAG) is an interfaith, intergeneration, and intercultural program dedicated to the pursuit of what it means to be a complete and fulfilled human being and a responsible member of the human family. “Adam” is a metaphor symbolic of every human being, having free will and the capacity for both beneficial and harmful actions. Humanity is the garden in which we each have a place and a chance to bloom fully. 


TAG fosters ways of being in the world that are considered desirable across cultures and by the great faith traditions. Lives of inspiring people in literature and throughout history reflect similar noble qualities, such as trustworthiness, courage, and compassion. TAG encourages participants to affirm and pursue their ideals and the virtuous qualities they would like to develop more fully. TAG seeks to help participants attain greater confidence, purpose, and peace of mind by applying universal principles for living to their everyday lives and relationships.



The TAG study / dialogue circle will meet once a month, Sunday afternoons from 3:30-6 pm. Each session will begin with a “Three Cups of Tea” time, followed by short panel presentations based on sacred writings from different traditions. After the presentations, there will be Q&A and small group dialogue.



Nov 7th           What is Integrity and Good Character, and How Are They Achieved?


Dec 12th         How Does One Find Inner Peace in a Changing and Challenging World?

Location: The above sessions will be at Temple B’nai Torah (15727 NE 4th Street Bellevue, 98008)   



Jan 9th           What Must Humans Do / Be to Resolve Conflict Peacefully?


Feb 6th           What are the Requirements On the Road To Spiritual Maturity?


Mar 6th           How Might We Work Together to “Repair the World”?


Apr 3rd      Apr 3rd        What Do Our Children and Grandchildren Need To Know,
                   and How Can We Help Them Learn These Things?


May 8th           How Do We Broaden Our Understanding of the Term “We”?


 For more information and to Register -  adamsgarden@yahoogroups.com

No Charge - Offerings from the heart accepted – Light refreshments served