Diagram of Meditation

Excerpt from Secret Doctrine Commentary: Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge
[Apparently the diagram was part and parcel of esoteric instruction of H.P.B., as recorded by E. T. Sturdy]

First conceive of UNITY by Expansion in space and infinite in Time.

(Either with or without self-identification).

Then meditate logically and consistently on this in reference to states of consciousness. Then the normal state of our consciousness must be moulded by: --


From this originates a substratum of memory which does not cease in dreaming or waking. Its manifestation is courage.

With memory of universality all dread vanishes during the dangers and trials of life.

Different in external activity to each, because in each the capacity alters. Mentality the same to all.

Equilibrium and constant calm. Greater ease in practising the "virtues", which are really the outcome of wisdom, for benevolence, sympathy, justice, etc., arise from the intuitive identification of the individual with others, although unknown to the personality.

Criticism without praise or blame.

NOTE: Acquisition is completed by the conception "I am all Space and Time".

Beyond that . . . (It cannot be said).


Constant refusal to think of reality of: --

Futile longings. Expectations. Sad memories. Broken-heartedness.

Resulting in absence of anger and bias. (Replaced by judgement.)

Vanity, Remorse.

Vanity, Remorse.

Greed, Selfishness, Ambition.

Gluttony, Lust, etc.

Note: These deprivations are produced by the perpetual imagination -- without self-delusion* -- of "I am without"; the recognition of their being the source of bondage, ignorance and strife. 'Deprivation' is completed by the meditation: "I am without attributes".

*) There is no risk of self-delusion if the personality is deliberately forgotten.

General Note: All the passions and virtues interblend with each other. Therefore the diagram gives only general hints.