Children's Booklist

Compiled by The Children's Committee of The Theosophical Society, Pasadena, California

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For the child, whose sense of wonder is boundless, books that speak to the heart and stretch the imagination are vital friends. They share great experiences and emotions with children, build respect for all life, and help broaden viewpoints and values.

This list represents a cross-section of the many fine publications available in libraries and/or bookstores. It brings together a wide range of titles selected not only for their literary and artistic quality but for their universality and contribution to emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Many deal constructively with social and environmental issues; others speak more to the imagination and to what it means to be a human being.

While the majority of books are for boys and girls up to 15 years of age, some are also suitable for older readers. The ages suggested refer to content and interest level, not to the child's reading level. They are only approximations to aid adults in judging which titles may meet a particular child's needs, personality, and stage of maturity. Each child is unique and relates to a story from his or her own inner self and experience -- and this identity with a story is part of the magic of books.

We do not include publisher information as many children's books are published by more than one publisher and in many editions, and go in and out of print. Books in Print or bookstore inquiry will reveal if the title is in print at present. A library catalog or librarian can quickly determine if the title is available at a given library -- the list was, in fact, compiled with the idea that parents obtain most of their children's reading material from library collections rather than bookstores.